VPN tools for torrenting

Top VPN services for torrenting

VPN tools for torrenting

Privacy protection tools are not infallible. We mentioned in a previous article * the problems of leaks that make the permeable VPN. But these aren’t their only flaws. Indeed, the connections may be unstable and break unexpectedly especially in what concerns the free VPN. When a VPN cut occurs all through your connection data can be intercepted by anyone, so you can say goodbye to your anonymity. Fortunately, there are ways to protect themselves and avoid the inconvenience.


But what is it? The Kill Switch is simply a feature that allows to automatically disable an internet connection failure of your VPN service. Most paid VPN providers offer this option. The best known include well obviously Cyberghost, Hide My SSA and IP Vanish. Simply go to the settings of your provider of VPN software for torrent websites to enable this feature.


This technique is especially for people who use VPN to protect their type torrent downloads. Torrent software is bloated, but all do not include a download failure VPN shutdown feature. You can however count on Vuze.

It incorporates a feature that blocks downloads of torrent when your VPN disconnects.

If you have trouble with this handling, you can always recover the toned-down version of Vuze: Leap. To protect your torrent downloads, simply check the box “Enable traffic Only Within VPN” in the “settings” tab. No download can be started if it’s not done via a secure a VPN connection.


These two programs are of the Portable utilities that will allow you to fill in the lines of your VPN. They will simply monitor your VPN through the server IP address provided by your ISP and if this address is not found, they will take care of automatically closing programs that you have selected. It may be your browser’s internet, your download manager, your mail client or simply your torrent software.

Note that these two software must be run as administrator. The settings are much the same. He must first decide which software to protect and then enter the IP address of your VPN. It is very simple to control the connection sound VPN from VPN Lifeguard and VPNetMon interfaces.

To verify that everything works, simply disconnect voluntarily its VPN and observe the automatic closing of the programs.